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    YC13-1 subsea pipeline maintenance—phase II (2016)

      Client:CNOOC     Duration:January to July 2016     Vessels:HYSY286, HYSY289, Lantianlong     Depth:117m     Manners:Saturation diving, ROV, Air diving   Key points: •  Completedsubsea pipeline maintenance design •  Multiconstruction...[Details]

    GD LNG ROV inspection project (2015)

      Client:GD LNG     Duration:November to December 2015     Vessels:/     Depth:120M     Manners:  ROV, ARV Key points: •  Underwaternature gas pipeline inspection •  Underwatertunnel  inspection •  Longdistance ...[Details]

    Three Gorges hydroelectric power station underwater inspection (2014)

      Client:China Three Gorges Corporation     Duration:April to June 2014     Vessels:E'yu 11-00229     Depth:120M     Manners:  ROV, Air diving   Key points: •  Sedimentflushing outlet inspection •  Spillwaydam section inspection •&...[Details]

    Zawtikadevelpment project phase 1B (2014)

       Client:Petroleum Authority of Thailand,PTT      Duration:February to September 2014      Vessels:Lanjiang, Shuncheng 9, NATUNA      Depth:140 m to 150 m      Manners:Saturation diving, ROV, Air diving TheZawtika Projec...[Details]

    LF 7-2 jacket inspection and repair project (2014)

       Client: NewField      Duration:February to September 2014      Vessels:HYSY708, DALI Floating Crane      Depth:29 m      Manner:Saturation diving, ROV, Air diving   Work Scope:Project management and resource integrity,...[Details]
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